Cruel Injustices

Cruel Injustices

This is the final article in my three-part series, “Sacramento’s homeless: the hard times, mean streets and cruel injustices,”  I am a Mercy Pedaler who knows a lot about street crime and justice.  Prior to retirement, I was a prosecutor and former Deputy Executive Director […]

A Simple Act of Kindness

As a Mercy Peddler, I have learned this:  in Second City a simple act of kindness means a lot.  Second City is what I call Sacramento’s homeless community. Thousands of homeless men, women and children have no permanent place to sleep. Being homeless and alone […]

An image of a man standing in front of a mural

Midtown Mercy Pedalers

It is a simple concept. Bicycle where you find Sacramento’s homeless and offer friendship and counseling, along with help in connecting to other services. I am a Mercy Pedaler, street photographer and photojournalist. Several days a week I bike or walk Midtown Sacramento in the […]