Rivers of Shame

In April of this year, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board reported that Tiscornia Beach, at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers near Discovery Park, recorded E. coli levels that were seven times (7X) the threshold set by the United States […]

Hard Times, Mean Streets and Cruel Injustices

  This is a three-part series on Sacramento’s homeless: the hard times, mean streets and cruel injustices they endure.  I am a Mercy Pedaler who knows a lot about street crime and justice.  Prior to retirement, I was a prosecutor and former Deputy Executive Director […]

Meet Mercy Pedaler Dave Hosseini

Dave was raised in New Jersey, went to Bethany College in West Virginia, and is now a three-wheel Mercy Pedaler.  He is retired from a  30 year career in mental health direct service, administration and advocacy for several local and statewide organizations. Twice a week Dave […]

Meet Mercy Pedaler Michael Saeltzer

Mercy Pedaler Michael Saeltzer is featured in Sacramento’s Inside (May 2018)  See the attached:  “Bike or Trike: Mercy Pedalers Provide Supplies and Compassion to the Homeless.”

Homeless Pedalers

Mercy Pedalers aren’t the only ones pedaling the streets of Sacramento. Many of the homeless people Mercy Pedalers encounter are on bicycles. For the homeless, the bicycle is a primary mode of transportation. It is also often a lifeline for those in need. A bike […]

Rough Sleepers: Homelessness in France

There are no Mercy Pedalers in France, but there should be.  Earlier this year Paris conducted the city’s first ever Nuit de Solidarite (Night of Solidarity), 1,700 volunteers and 300 Paris officials found that at least 3,000 people were “sleeping rough” on the streets and […]

A Simple Act of Kindness

As a Mercy Peddler, I have learned this:  in Second City a simple act of kindness means a lot.  Second City is what I call Sacramento’s homeless community. Thousands of homeless men, women and children have no permanent place to sleep. Being homeless and alone […]

Meet Mercy Pedaler Richard Hernandez

Mercy Pedaler Richard Hernandez greets all the homeless people he meets with a friendly, “Hi! I’m Richard,” and a warm smile.  As Richard puts it, “It is an honor to meet so many men and women who want to feel valued and appreciated.  By peddling […]

Just ask Sister Libby…

Erika D. Smith, Sacramento Bee “Editorial” (November 26, 2017), “The secret to bringing homeless people in from the cold?  Just ask Sister Libby”  See        

A holiday story: Melanie and Darrell

  I’m a Mercy Pedaler.  It’s a cold Friday morning before Thanksgiving and I am doing my dawn patrol in Midtown.  Not much stirs in Midtown at 6:30 a.m.  It’s mostly coffee shops, a few early hair appointments and the homeless.  The sun is just […]