Meet Mercy Pedaler Richard Hernandez

Meet Mercy Pedaler Richard Hernandez

Mercy Pedaler Richard Hernandez greets all the homeless people he meets with a friendly, “Hi! I’m Richard,” and a warm smile.  As Richard puts it, “It is an honor to meet so many men and women who want to feel valued and appreciated.  By peddling […]

A holiday story: Melanie and Darrell

  I’m a Mercy Pedaler.  It’s a cold Friday morning before Thanksgiving and I am doing my dawn patrol in Midtown.  Not much stirs in Midtown at 6:30 a.m.  It’s mostly coffee shops, a few early hair appointments and the homeless.  The sun is just […]

The Ghost of Ebo

  I met Ebo a few weeks back on one of my Mercy Pedaler “dawn patrols” in Midtown.  Ebo is homeless, but he lives in a world of street art.   He resides in what can only be described as alley housing, i.e., behind a […]

Meet Mercy Pedaler Katy Sanders, Wagonmaster

  Not all Mercy Pedalers pedal.  On Friday mornings you will find Mercy Pedaler Katy Sanders pulling her wagon around Cesar Chavez park in downtown Sacramento, across the street from City Hall.  The park is a small square block area where many homeless sleep the […]