Meet Mercy Pedaler Katy Sanders, Wagonmaster


Not all Mercy Pedalers pedal.  On Friday mornings you will find Mercy Pedaler Katy Sanders pulling her wagon around Cesar Chavez park in downtown Sacramento, across the street from City Hall.  The park is a small square block area where many homeless sleep the night. 

On Friday mornings the park’s homeless are greeted by Katy with a hot cup of coffee (Starbucks that she brews at home), cream, sugar and a warm smile.  In the wagon you will also find tissues, hand sanitizers, pastries, lotion, bottled water, etc.  Now that it is getting cold Katy is also providing the park’s homeless with hand warmers and tangerines.   

Over a period of a couple of months Katy has established a presence in the park. She is no longer a stranger to the park’s homeless. She knows those homeless who stay in the park and greets many by name.  Sacramento poIice who patrol the park also know who Katy is and they too are offered a cup of coffee.    

Katy is a Friday morning presence in Cesar Chavez park, sharing a cup of coffee and conversation with the homeless.   Katy is the Mercy Pedaler who pulls the wagon.