Homeless Pedalers

Mercy Pedalers aren’t the only ones pedaling the streets of Sacramento. Many of the homeless people Mercy Pedalers encounter are on bicycles. For the homeless, the bicycle is a primary mode of transportation. It is also often a lifeline for those in need.

A bike can get a homeless person to a job, the store, a shelter or Loaves & Fishes for a hot breakfast or lunch, showers, bathrooms and/or medical services. Bicycling beats walking. It expands the travel area.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a special group of students who deserve recognition for their assistance to Sacramento’s homeless. The Bicycle Recycle project at Seven Hills Middle School in Nevada City provides students hands-on learning of basic bicycle mechanical skills, reinforces the value of recycling, and provides the satisfaction of helping our city’s homeless.

Once a year Bicycle Recycle project students make an appearance at Loaves & Fishes. This year in celebration of Earth Day students provided onsite free bicycle maintenance and repair clinics for Loaves & Fishes’ guests. Seventy (70) student-built bikes were raffled off to the homeless. This was the 19th year the Bicycle Recycle project provided bikes for the homeless. Most impressive! KUDOS!

Below are some of my bike images from Sacramento streets and the 2018 Earth day celebration at Loaves & Fishes.